Compound Films Features On Radio Station 97.9 The Boxx

For Hispanic Heritage Month, the biggest radio station in Houston invited Compound Films to highlight our studio. The interview is now featured on the radio stations’s social media accounts and official website. Compound Films shares their latest milestones and partnership with Kool-Aid and Macy’s. Watch the video and share it with your friends and let them know that 97.9 supports deserving businesses in Houston.

Compound Films Debuts Kool-Aid Snackbox Campaign

In partnership with, we are debuting a snackbox full of officially licensed Kool-Aid products in a giftable box. The items range from gummies, cotton candy, gelatin, yogurt, and more. This true American brand has lived in pop culture since the 1920’s and has remained innovative to this day. Now you can get all of Kool-Aid’s hard to find products in one box that is worthy of being put under a Christmas tree. 

Compound Films has worked with brands like Macy’s, Microsoft, Hilton Hotels, and more. The agency has created the slogan “Keep it Kool” to congratulate Kool-Aid on over 100 years in business. Kool-Aid was created in Hastings, Nebraska in 1927 by a genius named Edwin E. Perkins. In 5 years, this would make Kool-Aid a 100 year company.

$59.99 Pre-Order Now For A Limited Time

Compound Films Recruited As Macy’s Mobile App Ambassador

The Macy’s brand is positioning itself in the technology world to create an interactive experience. They have Macy’s Live where you can see new inventory and interact in real time. Macy’s knows that the key is to keep members in a buying loop by keeping them engaged with new ways to buy. The future will be about how companies can retain their mobile app members and grow their new members database going into 2023.

Compound Films has been recruited to create an opportunity that would help recruit Macy’s app members. The great thing is, the company has had successful collaborations like the “Have A Macy’s Christmas” campaign ad. Macy’s plans to roll out exclusive deals and events that would incentivize people using credit cards and making purchases to earn points. Compound Films has posted about the future of retail involving a marketing concept known as “gamification”.

Treat yourself to a limited time discount of 25% using promo code “ULTIMATE” during check out in the mobile app. Be sure to download the Macy’s mobile app by scrolling to the bottom of the page and click on the app store that applies to your mobile device. We are now moving away from the summer trends and entering into the fall and winter styles. Compound Films will be releasing ads and further details about the Macy’s app campaign that will last until September 28, 2022.


Compound Films Powers Houston w/ New Livestreaming Services

Compound Films is now offering livestreaming services for professional live events that allow attendees from all over the world to get a multilayered and interactive experience. When the audience posts a comment it is posted on the screen so people interacting with viewers can reply or grant requests. This allows people that aren’t in attendance to get an exclusive point of view and access special guests backstage.

Recently, we have been hired to power an event with multiple cameras at the C Baldwin Hotel in downtown Houston. This luxurious and upscake hotel will host the event non the weekend of 19th &20th of August. There is a new demand for livestream services as the power of participating in major events wirelessly grow.

Compound Films Studio Bookings Tripled With Excellent Reviews In 2022

When the studio opened to the public, we weren’t yet available on Peerspace. Months later, we hit a milestone of surpassing 17 bookings in one month earning a “Power Host” badge on the platform. When you earn this status, you get promoted by Peerspace and receive a dedicated support phone number.

The Google business page also increased via search and driving directions surpassing the overall traffic of 2021. Compound Films has also started receiving resumes from film students and young local aspiring filmmakers. We welcome all creators and business people to our studio 24 hours a day on Peerspace.

Compound Films Studio Now On Peerspace

Our studio has boomed since the open in late 2021 as a result of our partnership. Located in the skyline district of downtown Houston on 720 Rusk St. Houston, TX 77002. We have helped produce numerous podcasts with high quality audio as well as high resolution video for youtube. Our most popular bookings have consisted of photoshoots in our studio and various locations inside our historic building. The reception from the public has been amazing as we have recently been contacted to host a film crew producing a documentary for Discovery Channel.

We are excited to continue to grow with the downtown Houston scene and establish it as a filmmaker hub. Our studio is designed to create a livestream podcast, music video, documentary, commercial, or VFX special effects. There is a lobby that can be used as a green room for food, snacks, and drinks during big shoots in our studio. The great thing about our location is that it is surrounded by restaurants and a high end wine bar is located downstairs in the building. The biggest perk is that the film equipment inside the studio is there for use during bookings as well as the RGB lights overhead.

To book our studio on Peerspace you can click the link below.

Compound Films Moves Film Headquarters To Houston’s Downtown

Texas has been a favored destination as of late while many are moving here to cash in on the booming real estate market. Some have been whispering about Austin, Texas being a future baby version of Hollywood but some have argued that Houston will be the film hub of the future. Film directors are snatching up warehouses and offices that can be converted into studios that can be booked on platforms like Peerspace. There is an anticipation for new Houston residents that need somewhere to produce major multimedia projects.

Compound Films wanted to be amongst the hustle and hype that lives in Downtown Houston as young creators are flocking to the dynamic scene. Everything in the city is in either direction and you get the lavish lifestyle of Midtown and Memorial luxury living. Compound Films is located on 720 Rusk Street neighboring the historic Theater District and parallel to Houston’s new family friendly bicycle scene that cruises throughout the heart of downtown and loops Buffalo Bayou Park. This is a perfect time to be accessible amongst clients and new creators that are visiting Houston. Our office is on the 3rd floor of the Expansive building boasting state of the art film equipment with cutting edge livestream technology.

720 Rusk St

Houston, Texas 77002

New Video Packages Include Hulu Promotion

Here recently, Compound Films did a deal with Hulu for major promotion. The company has already onboarded multiple companies onto the popular streaming platform. This has increased the exposure that newly produced projects get when they are completed.  The latest ad to be added was a coffee company from Los Angeles, California named “EH3 Coffee”. They were able to drive traffic to their official website by using an exclusive promo code.

The great thing for music artists is that they can now promote their music videos and albums on Hulu. They can add a scannable QR code to their promo video that will lead viewers to their social media accounts or artist pages. This is a great way to reach a new audience and build a new fanbase. We also promote on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok.

For local businesses and artists, the company also runs ads on local cable channels that drive traffic to a physical location locally in a preferred city. Tik Tok also favors local businesses because the platform is used to promote restaurants and local shops. Regardless of the mission, Compound Films can put your brand front and center in front of your future audience. Our new packages start at $1,500 to get the minimum ad slots on each platform.

Compound Films Throws Christmas Party With Host Chingo Bling In Houston

We are celebrating the end of 2020 and being proactive in the possibility that the world will end next year. Nothing is guaranteed except the great time you can expect to have on December 28th at Warehouse Live in Houston. The comedic performances will be hosted by Netflix comedian “Chingo Bling”, Javi Luna, Bryson Brown, and Jessi Saldana. Of course, masks will be enforced because we don’t want you to catch that covid like feelings.
VIP Tables are available for $200 and seat up to 4 people with safely sanitized countertops and chairs. General Admission tickets are sold in pairs of 2 for $60 with sanitized and socially distanced paired chairs. VIP tables are limited so it is encouraged to purchase tickets early while available. Tickets can be purchased with the links below.

Hulu Partnership With Compound Films For Major Advertising

Hulu has branded itself as the home for popular tv shows and the alternative to cable television. The platform has masterminded a plan to invite reputable business owners to advertise on their platform. This is a good thing to keep streaming costs low and to support the people that consume Hulu’s entertainment. As of late, Netflix has announced a higher monthly fee to watch the current inventory of comedy specials and self ranked “trending” movies.

The reason that Compound Films is excited about the opportunity granted by Hulu is because we work with “Minority-Owned Independent Businesses”. This means that any client of ours can get major digital reach for their new commercials and advertisements. In the last lockdown, many businesses were scrambling to stay open and forced to be creative with their products and services. We will be able to selectively market to an audience that relates most to the products marketed. 

This also means that Compound Films can take their services to the next level as well as capture significantly more marketing and advertisement dollars from business owners. Our brand ambassadors are excited for the exposure and marketing because it will make it easier to sell our services in new markets. Our brand ambassadors earn 20% commission on all services and products sold from our website. Seeing our services being marketed on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, Hulu, and Xfinity will help bring new eyes and new ambassadors to the company.