Compound Films Debuts Kool-Aid Snackbox Campaign

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In partnership with, we are debuting a snackbox full of officially licensed Kool-Aid products in a giftable box. The items range from gummies, cotton candy, gelatin, yogurt, and more. This true American brand has lived in pop culture since the 1920’s and has remained innovative to this day. Now you can get all of Kool-Aid’s hard to find products in one box that is worthy of being put under a Christmas tree. 

Compound Films has worked with brands like Macy’s, Microsoft, Hilton Hotels, and more. The agency has created the slogan “Keep it Kool” to congratulate Kool-Aid on over 100 years in business. Kool-Aid was created in Hastings, Nebraska in 1927 by a genius named Edwin E. Perkins. In 5 years, this would make Kool-Aid a 100 year company.

$59.99 Pre-Order Now For A Limited Time

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