Compound Films Recruited As Macy’s Mobile App Ambassador

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The Macy’s brand is positioning itself in the technology world to create an interactive experience. They have Macy’s Live where you can see new inventory and interact in real time. Macy’s knows that the key is to keep members in a buying loop by keeping them engaged with new ways to buy. The future will be about how companies can retain their mobile app members and grow their new members database going into 2023.

Compound Films has been recruited to create an opportunity that would help recruit Macy’s app members. The great thing is, the company has had successful collaborations like the “Have A Macy’s Christmas” campaign ad. Macy’s plans to roll out exclusive deals and events that would incentivize people using credit cards and making purchases to earn points. Compound Films has posted about the future of retail involving a marketing concept known as “gamification”.

Treat yourself to a limited time discount of 25% using promo code “ULTIMATE” during check out in the mobile app. Be sure to download the Macy’s mobile app by scrolling to the bottom of the page and click on the app store that applies to your mobile device. We are now moving away from the summer trends and entering into the fall and winter styles. Compound Films will be releasing ads and further details about the Macy’s app campaign that will last until September 28, 2022.


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