Compound Films Studio Now On Peerspace

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Our studio has boomed since the open in late 2021 as a result of our partnership. Located in the skyline district of downtown Houston on 720 Rusk St. Houston, TX 77002. We have helped produce numerous podcasts with high quality audio as well as high resolution video for youtube. Our most popular bookings have consisted of photoshoots in our studio and various locations inside our historic building. The reception from the public has been amazing as we have recently been contacted to host a film crew producing a documentary for Discovery Channel.

We are excited to continue to grow with the downtown Houston scene and establish it as a filmmaker hub. Our studio is designed to create a livestream podcast, music video, documentary, commercial, or VFX special effects. There is a lobby that can be used as a green room for food, snacks, and drinks during big shoots in our studio. The great thing about our location is that it is surrounded by restaurants and a high end wine bar is located downstairs in the building. The biggest perk is that the film equipment inside the studio is there for use during bookings as well as the RGB lights overhead.

To book our studio on Peerspace you can click the link below.

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