The company known for its “Keep Winning” slogan has recently filed for trademark rights for the spanish translation “Sigue Ganando”. The phrase can be seen draped across merchandise and splashed all over social media. It was first created to pay respect to culture and Mexico’s Independence Day on September 16th. Plans have expanded after witnessing how the message has resonated amongst Millenials and Generation Z.

The entrepreneur Frank Lopez has plans to build a brand lifestyle around the phrase as the company plans to expand into “event experiences”. The concept is straight forward, it means to continuously keep rising above problems and situations that are attempting to derail your victories in life. The belief is that you have to surpass your 100 losses with sprinkled small wins before every major win. However, it is encouraged to celebrate every small win during your journey because every little win adds up to big wins.

The “Latin” demographic is forecasted to boom in 2020 as the largest minority in Texas and growing every day. Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States behind Chicago but 3rd largest in land mass. Representation for this growing demographic is going to be vital and a great opportunity for those that can connect with the culture.

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