Hulu Partnership With Compound Films For Major Advertising

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Hulu has branded itself as the home for popular tv shows and the alternative to cable television. The platform has masterminded a plan to invite reputable business owners to advertise on their platform. This is a good thing to keep streaming costs low and to support the people that consume Hulu’s entertainment. As of late, Netflix has announced a higher monthly fee to watch the current inventory of comedy specials and self ranked “trending” movies.

The reason that Compound Films is excited about the opportunity granted by Hulu is because we work with “Minority-Owned Independent Businesses”. This means that any client of ours can get major digital reach for their new commercials and advertisements. In the last lockdown, many businesses were scrambling to stay open and forced to be creative with their products and services. We will be able to selectively market to an audience that relates most to the products marketed. 

This also means that Compound Films can take their services to the next level as well as capture significantly more marketing and advertisement dollars from business owners. Our brand ambassadors are excited for the exposure and marketing because it will make it easier to sell our services in new markets. Our brand ambassadors earn 20% commission on all services and products sold from our website. Seeing our services being marketed on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, Hulu, and Xfinity will help bring new eyes and new ambassadors to the company.

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