Compound Films Partners With Netflix & Amazon Prime For Film Distribution

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Houston — As the Coronavirus quarantined the world, streaming was at an all time high. Netflix’s stock saw a surge when work from home orders were issued making it soar to over $500. Movie theatre chains like AMC were left for dead amidst orders to close it’s doors during this pandemic. Their stock plummeted to under $4 and the rumors of an Amazon buyout quickly fizzled as the theatre giant returned to former investors to structure a new lifeline.

“Theater Closed” signs are posted in front of the AMC Montebello movie theaters in Montebello, Calif.

In this time, Compound Films has been busy creating relationships with Film Directors, Screenplay Writers, Actors, Technology Developers, Business Managers, Music Artists, and Venture Capitalists to design a 5 year plan that will ultimately carve out a new local Hollywood in Houston, TX. Recently, the social multimedia company Compound Films has finalized a partnership with streaming giant Netflix and household giant Amazon Prime to distribute future film projects as well as exclusive merchandise and digital products on Amazon Prime for these projects. You can expect a Comedy and a Movie/TV series to be developed and screened in 2021.

Netflix logo is seen on the smartphone screen with coronavirus sign in the background in this illustration photo taken in Poland on March 21, 2020. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The future world with Covid-19 is unclear but it is highly encouraged to “pandemic proof” your businesses models and supply chains. The umbrella company New App Kings LLC plans to also distribute comedy specials produced by the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Tour and distribute licensed merchandise by signed comedians on Amazon with 2 day delivery. Compound Films is also producing Virtual Reality content and developing a “VR Venue” that will screen live VR comedy shows, TED talks, music concerts as well as 3D films produced in VR format. The VR Venue will be accessed through an app you can download on the app store and will pair with a VR headset that will enter you into the show. This technology suggests that the future for AMC might be to distribute movies in VR because headsets can be used at home while sitting next to thousands of people in digital rows of seats watching and chatting about the presentation in real time.

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