Compound Films To Produce Major Documentaries For 2019

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HOUSTON, TX – The New Year countdown was taking place on TV as people flooded New York to catch a glimpse of the ball drop in Times Square. All over the nation, people were making wishes and sending lengthy prayers in hopes of blessings for next year. This wasn’t the case for Frank Lopez, as he was quietly in his office creating boring graphs, charts, and lists to predict the future lanes of success.

The company has successfully prepared for the production of multiple documentaries to be produced in 2019. The documentaries range from UFC Trainers and Fighters, Major Recording Artist Stories, to a closer look at Rapper SPM’s court case that got him 45 years. They are ready to dominate the storytelling industry with various full length films, documentaries, cartoon series, and virtual reality experiences.


Compound Films says that it is extremely important to differentiate yourself from the saturated crowd of filmmakers. They emphasize that there are younger kids out there that can kick your ass with an iphone camera and imovie app. We should all expect a standout year from this forward thinking company.

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