Compound Films Strikes It Big With Macy’s, Sephora, Pac Sun, Lego

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HOUSTON, TX – It was a matter of time before this promising company found their way into the advertising world. It was their mission to learn new industries from ground up and create the business models of the future.

“If I were to sign an ad deal as an influencer for a big brand, I would get paid once and then I’d do what they say. In this case, we were able to partner with these companies in a way that gives us creative freedom and still allows us to do business with all the brands we respect.” says Compound Films.

Christmas is coming up and these guys will be producing retail ads for companies like Macy’s, Lego, Sephora, Bloomingdales Australia, New Balance, and Nike Brazil. They are also awaiting confirmation letters from retailers such as Dior, UGG, Calvin Klein, Converse, Hulu, and Hilton.

It feels like the natural progression from filming music videos for influential artists to striking deals with influential brands. The great thing about producing ads for these companies are the deals they’re able to offer for products and services you see in the ads.

This is an example of what they plan to campaign and promote starting next week. This deal will also allow the company to recruit local talent via music and models for future ads. Press Play Below!

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