How To Team Up With Compound Films & Macy’s For Christmas | Details Inside

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HOUSTONMacy’s has presented Compound Films with a lucrative opportunity to partner with a retail giant that distributes luxury brands.

The plan is to produce compelling audio/visual ads that create interest on social media. The good news is, they were also given full creative control to present their work in the best interest of all brand partners.

We will be accepting original marketing-friendly music, vocal narrative work, and model photography to feature on major brand ad campaigns. There will be a varying theme depending on the brands we create digital campaigns for.

Register An Account Here to be rewarded with “1000 Compound Points” which can be redeemed for access to future Compound Watch Parties, Movie Screenings, Merchandise, Major Brand Gift Cards, Secret Project Opportunities. You can submit work links in the comments of the article and a meeting will be held unveiling qualifying candidates. Chosen candidates will be presented with an opportunity to earn a percentage from campaign profits.

The campaigns will consist of various multimedia items like videos, image banners, animations, and virtual reality productions. The Macy’s campaign will be distributed throughout platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat until the end of December. 

The theme of submitted work will be based on a “Join The Family” concept for Macy’s Christmas campaign. Content must not contain vulgar language, offensive material, and must be relevant to the campaign theme.

The benefits of partnering with big brands is being given special discounts to present to your following and those that interact with our ads. Macy’s has gifted us a “Family and Friends Discount” and promo code FRIEND that gives you an additional 30% off during checkout.

Thank you for joining our family and click here to shop with Macy’s for Christmas with your exclusive discounts.

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