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Our new campaign packages include a full professional commercial with high-res cinema cameras and professional licensed drone. We can film up to 4 different locations indoors and outdoors including our downtown studio. You also have the option of adding on business casual models, studio sets, luxury cars, and more. After deposit is made, you will be contacted for an in office or online zoom meeting to plan the big day! The remaining balance will be collected at the end of our shoot day and editing will vary between 1-2 weeks.


These are additional upgrades that can be added to your professional video.



Project Description

Discovery Meeting ?:

Uncover your brand’s essence and vision in our initial consultation.

Conceptualization ?:

Craft a narrative aligned with your goals and identity.

Scripting & Storyboarding ?:

Shape a compelling script and visualize key scenes.

Pre-Production Prep ?:

Fine-tune logistics, lighting, and set designs for a smooth shoot.

Location Scouting ?:

Choose breathtaking locations to enhance your brand’s story.

Casting & Crew Selection ?:

Assemble a talented team to bring your vision to life.

Production Day ?:

Capture the magic, from aerial shots to studio setups.

Post-Production Brilliance ✨:

Edit, add effects, and craft a seamless cinematic masterpiece.

Client Review & Revisions ?:

Collaborate for perfection, with your feedback shaping the final cut.

Delivery of Masterpiece ?:

Your brand’s captivating commercial is ready to shine!

Project Details

  • Client: Business
  • Location: Multiple
  • Project Begin: Payment received
  • Project End: After project delivery
  • Producer: Compound Films

Project Management

Frank Lopez

(281) 258-8670

Any Question at

(281) 258-8670

720 Rusk St

Houston, TX 77002


9 am – 9 pm

Send your mail at


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