This Video Company Has A Rewards Program like Starbucks

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The next hot thing in the corporate world is something called “Gamification” which is the process of adding gamelike elements like “points earning” to encourage participation. Companies like Starbucks, Krogers, Chic-Fil-A, and Target are the best examples of successful loyalty programs that keep people in the buying loop. The more things you buy, the more points you earn to redeem for free or discounted items. 

This innovative company has created a digital marketplace that allows members to redeem their points for hosted experiences, merchandise, video editing plugins, video services, mobile in-game items, and other digital products. Compound Films plans to host watch parties and exclusive documentary and film screenings nationwide that will be available to attend for point holders.

The consumers of today are ones with short attention spans and hair thin patience when it comes to commerce. It is in the best interest of all companies to innovate while the retail industry suffers at the hands of giant corporations like Amazon. Frank Lopez was taught at a young age that “it’s not about whats hot, its about whats new.” The mission will be to keep our point earners engaged and get rewarded for purchases and participation.

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